I have never

An Atlas of the British Isles showing Aberdeen was my starting point.

I have never was a one day project. Using stickers and one piece of cut-out typography (above).
It is based on the idea that I have never used a lot of my household items in the way they are intended or even at all. Most of them were gifts and I felt guilty every time I saw something I hadn't used. Some where expressions of my ignorance in certain areas. I have never read the Greek Myths. Each object has a back story, where they came from, who they relate me to, how much they cost. Through making stickers and labelling these items I was able to admit to many things, my habit of collecting, regular guilty feelings, my lack of care, the care taken to hide my ignorance, my dislike to some things, small white lies and that the present giver is usually a reason to hold on to something rather than the actual object. So there it is, I've used them now, the guilt has gone.