Hello. I love you.

New cards, illustrated and hand screen printed by me. Winging their way into gift shops in the new year.

Acne Paper 11 - Letterpress

A few months ago I was visited by Acne Paper to assist them in doing some Letterpress printing for the next issue. These large letters are around 30cm tall and were specially laser cut for the job. The magazine is out now, and it's really great. You can buy it here [update, now listed as out of print]. I'll put a few more images of the work once I've found a big enough scanner, it's a huge magazine!
Design by Ben Branagan.
Art Direction by Christoph Stolberg.

An out take print features in this post.

Pixies’ ‘Minotaur’ box set earns Grammy nomination for best packaging design

I worked on this beautiful boxset with Vaughan Oliver as Art director, Simon Larbalestier as Photographer and a group of fellow students in 2009. See previous blogposts for more Minotaur news.

More about the Grammy nomination here.

Reverting to type exhibition

Today I am busy framing and preparing some letterpress prints I printed for Reverting to Type at New North Press, which opens this week. Click on the image above to see the amazing line-up of contributing letterpress printers! Below are my framed prints for the show, some of my unframed prints will be on sale too.

Prints from recent months

Experimenting with four colour separation screen prints
Screen printed postcards

Screen printed miniature envelopes

Experimenting with new screen print inks

Out-takes from a Letterpress project- look here and here for the final prints


Elephant Magazine

A bad crop from an ill-fitting scanner.

Images from a photoshoot I did for Elephant magazine. It was a collaborative project using type designs from students on Graphics Design at UCA Epsom. These words were then displayed and I photographed it before printing a large format version and sculpting it and photographing it again. The image was used as the chapter divider for the Studios section.
The other chapter dividers are all images created by students at UCA Epsom. The project was Art Directed by Vaughan Oliver.
This issue is great, with an interesting feature on printing textiles as well as an interesting interview with Vaughan Oliver- including work from the Pixies Minotaur boxset I worked on.


I've designed and illustrated some postcards to be hand screen printed. Here are a couple of the illustrations.


A version of the B pattern in Verdana being screen printed.
The finished print features in this post.


For the past year and a half I have been making patterns from letters and words, in the beginning I dreamt of screen printing a set of them from A to Z. Then I made a book of these patterns, each one made up of a different letter of the alphabet, half the book in Verdana and half in Times New Roman. Making ugly type beautiful. See here for a mediocre post about it.
I have probably created about 300 patterns since the beginning and it's probably one of my favourite things to do. It wasn't until somebody pointed it out to me that I realised how underrepresented my patterns are on this blog, so here is one I did today, it's my first one I've ever done with a hand drawn letter rather than a typeface. What took so long? I will probably spend the next three days obsessively making them only to move on to something else.
On Thursday I screen printed the first colour of a B pattern set in Verdana Italic, more to come.

Berlin I miss thee

Wish I was back playing amongst the dinosaurs.

I'm on Flickr

I've finally added some photos to my Flickr page, which can be seen here.

Happy New Year

Here comes the snow. Well here came the snow. It gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my new christmas present pens for writing on glass. And to capture the view from my bedroom before it is replaced by a whole house.