Flickr number 2.

I've set up a new Flickr account to upload photos from the UCA Epsom Print Area, which is where I work four days of the week.

Letterpress seed packets

I've set some lead type and ornaments to print onto tiny brown envelopes to turn them into seed packets. The information recorded on each packet will be the name, when to sow and notes. I was inspired by Small Caps blog after reading about seed swaps.
Click on the photo to enlarge.

jotta's photos from the Dazed Live zine exhibition

In the last post I wrote about my zine Adventures in Newsprint being part of Dazed Live festival.
jotta, who curated the exhibition have some good photos of the event on their flickr.

Dazed Live Zine exhibition

Last weekend saw the Dazed Live festival take over several venues in London. As part of Dazed Live jotta held an exhibition "celebrating the best London zines of past and present, alongside a selection of iconic international titles."
A zine I made to represent the Print Area at UCA Epsom was entered into the exhibition alongside students zines printed in the Print Area and many a zine from the depths of self-publishing history.

Here are some photos from 'Adventures in Newsprint' which was created from a selection of scrap prints produced in the Print Area at UCA Epsom ( Screen Prints by Students- Ben Ewing, Danielle White & Depinder Sidhu and Staff - Rose Thomas, Brian Whitehead & Tim Ellis.
left hand side: Rose Thomas. right hand side: Ben Ewing
left hand side: Ben Ewing. right hand side: Danielle White
Ben has photos on the exhibition on his blog.

3D Type Book

The 3D type book published by Lawrence King is now on sale at Amazon, and stocks are running low! A posted a video preview a few posts ago, which features a flick through of the whole book. The 3D Type Book features photography I did for the Pixies Minotaur boxset.