A rather nice view of a salivary gland
Sorry for the lack of posting recently, I am stranded far far away from my bits and bobs and my own computer due to an unexpected blockage in one of my salivary glands which has taken me out of action for now. I'm pursuing some letterpress work, which was meant to start next week but shouldn't be far off when I'm all better.

I found out about a billboard campaign in America stating optimistic facts about the recession, similar to the work I was doing during my degree to encourage optimism and happiness in my community which formed the content for my book Intervening the everyday (here). As for these new billboards the design isn't good but I think the intent is. For more info read on here.

Pixies Minotaur Exhibition and secret gig! UPDATE

As promised here are some more photos from the Minotaur Work in progress exhibition a few weeks back. More info in earlier blogs.

above: A shot of the Minotaur boxset content.
above: My photograph of Pixies spelt out of small metal type in a spread for the small book.
above: Photo I took as part of a shoot Art Directed by Vaughan.
above: the image on the right is from the same photo shoot.
above: and another from that shoot. The shoot also features in the Minotaur Digital Press Release number 2 (posted below).
All work has been Art Directed by Vaughan Oliver.

Lexicon Degree show Update

After a very scary incident with my memory card I have finally recovered photos taken over the last few months, including Lexicon, my degree show in May. More information on all the projects can be found in previous blog posts.

Me with my portfolio and a banner showing an image from Intervening the everyday book. The feather says 'Wonderful World, Beautiful People' words from the Jimmy Cliff song, printed onto the feather with a DIY stamp.

The A-Z of Patterns book as seen in the display case.
Intervening the everyday, a book about my journey to spread happiness throughout my community with stickers, post-its and business cards used in the intervention.

Amelia's magazine and Shelter Update

Here is one of my images for a competition run by Amelia's Magazine in aid of homelessness charity Shelter on the Facebook page. Much more info in the post below. My work being chosen to feature on the Facebook page doesn't mean it will be included in the quilt Amelia is making but it means somebody likes it, always nice. Have a look here for mine and many many other wonderful entries.