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Each zine folds out into a different poster celebrating the Withdrawn series

Withdrawn is a set of zines created from books rejected by the University for the Creative Arts library in Epsom. The books had their covers torn off and branded with WITHDRAWN. They were found in the tip by tutors who saved them and the hundreds of others being thrown out. The covers were left in tact and the books found themselves on a table ready to be taken away by passers by. Each Withdrawn zine features one of these rejected books. I have re-ordered and re-edited the books to eight pages each chosen for their visual merit and each one folds out to a different poster celebrating the Withdrawn series. 

My new online portfolio...

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Handmade and Bound

A spread from a new zine: Withdrawn no.1

I'm busy creating and printing lots of new zines for Handmade and Bound later this month. I'm also preparing lots of screen printed wares including my moustache bookmarks and the above Christmas paraphernalia.
I filled my bag with lots of wondrous books and prints last year and I can't wait to see what's on offer this year. I'm selling with the lovely and talented Graphics students from UCA Epsom who sold almost everything on offer last year.
The event is on at St Bride's on Sunday 20th November, 12-6pm more details here.


One of the best things about growing up is your friends having children, which means I've been busy designing and screen printing cards to print for some of my favourite little people.

Inspired by Brian Cox, Adam Buxton & Joe Cornish

Today is day two of my month away from work, so far I have seen the final Harry Potter film, eaten 4 ice lollies, swam in the lido, eaten 3 Frankfurters and created lots of illustrations.

This morning has included lots of laughing whilst listening to the Best Of Adam & Joe on iplayer. Here's an illustration inspired by them talking about the physicist Brian Cox. A couple of close ups below.

Long Live The Art School- The book

Last week was the book launch and supporting exhibition for Long Live The Art School, the graduate show for the Graphic Design course I work with at UCA Epsom.
The book (click for online edition) celebrates the opening of the original Epsom School of Art by Lord Rosebery in 1898. The book features the events on the course over the past year, including workshops, visiting speakers, exhibitions, publications and the Print Area which I run. Long Live There are essays on the subject of the Art School from guest writers, artists, lecturers and designers including Adrian Shaughnessy, Andy Altman (Why Not Associates), Ken Garland, Martin O'Neill and Vaughan Oliver.
The book also acts as a catalogue of graduate work from the course and is supported by the exhibition of graduate work at The Gallery on Redchurch Street, London. I worked with the curatorial team to design and hang the exhibition, my main role being to curate a salon hang of 55 A3 frames, each one representing a graduate.
The website designed and built by Aaron Nicholls includes a digital version of the salon hang which links you to the graduates portfolios when you roll-over.

The book features a number of my own prints made in the Print Area alongside students prints from the past year. As well as featuring projects I have worked on such as Acne Paper, Minotaur and Elephant magazine. I also printed a letterpress quotation from a lecture Andy Altman gave at epsom earlier in the year and the back cover features a letterpress print I did for the book saying Long Live The Art School. Pictured aboved (photo credit to Bob Wilson)
As well as celebrating and exploring the notion of the Art School the book has collated all the interesting, intriguing, inventive and intelligent work which has been done by both staff and students this year and truly expresses the nature of the course.
Long Live The Art School!

Long Live The Art School

Invitation for the book launch by Graphic Design BA at UCA Epsom; where I run the Print Area. I printed the letterpress quote on our Farley proofing press along with other quotes inthe publication relating to the Art School. The photograph is of Lord Rosebury, who opened the original Epsom School of Art. More information about the book launch from Design Week.
The launch will feature a publication containing a range of student work as well as a feature on the Print Area and student prints.

Painting on to the screen

I have been painting on to screens with screen filler to print reversed out. The top photo is the screen filler on the screen and the bottom one is ready to print with black ink. It makes screen printing so much quicker and easier to prepare. Today I have printed two posters and eight business card designs.

Flickr number 2.

I've set up a new Flickr account to upload photos from the UCA Epsom Print Area, which is where I work four days of the week.

Letterpress seed packets

I've set some lead type and ornaments to print onto tiny brown envelopes to turn them into seed packets. The information recorded on each packet will be the name, when to sow and notes. I was inspired by Small Caps blog after reading about seed swaps.
Click on the photo to enlarge.

jotta's photos from the Dazed Live zine exhibition

In the last post I wrote about my zine Adventures in Newsprint being part of Dazed Live festival.
jotta, who curated the exhibition have some good photos of the event on their flickr.

Dazed Live Zine exhibition

Last weekend saw the Dazed Live festival take over several venues in London. As part of Dazed Live jotta held an exhibition "celebrating the best London zines of past and present, alongside a selection of iconic international titles."
A zine I made to represent the Print Area at UCA Epsom was entered into the exhibition alongside students zines printed in the Print Area and many a zine from the depths of self-publishing history.

Here are some photos from 'Adventures in Newsprint' which was created from a selection of scrap prints produced in the Print Area at UCA Epsom (GDNM.org). Screen Prints by Students- Ben Ewing, Danielle White & Depinder Sidhu and Staff - Rose Thomas, Brian Whitehead & Tim Ellis.
left hand side: Rose Thomas. right hand side: Ben Ewing
left hand side: Ben Ewing. right hand side: Danielle White
Ben has photos on the exhibition on his blog.

3D Type Book

The 3D type book published by Lawrence King is now on sale at Amazon, and stocks are running low! A posted a video preview a few posts ago, which features a flick through of the whole book. The 3D Type Book features photography I did for the Pixies Minotaur boxset.

Mother's Day

Screen printed Mother's Day cards

An illustration for Inventive and co

The 3D Type book

The 3D Type Book by FL@33 from Tomi Vollauschek on Vimeo.

This video shows a sneak preview of The 3D Type Book designed by FL@33 and published by Laurence King.

The book features one of my images from Minotaur, the Pixies boxset.
I worked on Minotaur with Vaughan Oliver (Art Direction), Simon Larbalestier (photography), Phoebe Richardson, Rosie Upright, Ben Ewing, Aaron Kitney and Michael Speed.
The picture below shows a spread featuring Minotaur.

"This book is the most comprehensive showcase of three-dimensional letterforms ever written, featuring over 1,300 images of more than 300 projects by more than 160 emerging talents and established individuals and studios" more here.

Valentines Day cards

Just sent off these hand screen printed Valentine's Day cards to the Black Swan Arts.

Me at work

Here's me printing my Christmas Thank you postcards, which are in the post. Letterpress on the Farley proofing press at work.