Intervening the everyday

I like helping people, and I like to help people feel better, so I set out to create positivity for the people around me. 

I wanted to steal a moment from their routine to show them that they can feel happier, better more optimistic, that there are reasons to smile. I wanted these moments to come from them, from their emotions and feelings in response to something I had given them. I did this by creating messages for them to see.

I started with a few posters that developed at a fast pace adding new messages and concepts. I had a camera by my side and a pile of posters ready to go up at all times. The initial interest in my posters inspired me to find new ways of intervening and intercepting the everyday in my neighbourhood. I designed stickers, badges and business cards. These designed pieces spread my messages to people by giving them something different and questionable. 

When my community became Barcelona I took it there. I measured and documented the intervention though photography and created a book of my photographs and the stories behind the images.

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Kate Maryon said...

Hi Rose,

Totally, wonderful, brilliant and inspiring. I love your ideas, they make me smile just by even the thought of them. I'd love to see something go up in sunny Frome. Big love to you, Kate xxxxx