Officially employed!

Next week I am going to start the first steps into my new job!
The contract has been signed and the studio is about to me built so after a couple of months waiting it's really going to begin!

Luke Pendrell the course leader of Graphic Design at the Unversity of the Creative Arts, Epsom asked me to set-up and run a letterpress studio at the Uni. It starts off that I work in an existing letterpress studio one day a week and spend a second day at the Uni setting up a studio with the press there. When the studio is up and running I'll be the technician of sorts and I'll be running workshops with the students.
I think it may just possibly be my dream job! Re-visiting what I had written as my career plan five months ago (here) reminds me of how perfect this job is. It's great to be doing something I am really passionate about as well as have access to a studio and running workshops! I am starting off my training with two days spent at Hand & Eye next week, and I'm really looking forward to getting back to those little letters.

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